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    ysy | do not edit. 

Why u do this to me

    ysy | do not edit.

    Why u do this to me

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    [Art] Well Happy Halloween my long lost followers… :/ 
Its my favorite holiday! 
DOwl, KaiBat, WitchKrisoala, Peter PanYeol, Lulu being chased by SeWolf, Suho, 补刀GrimReaper Chen, Eyeline Egyptian Mummy Baek, Baozi Ghost, Xing(star)Tuo Lay and Scared Panda Tao ^^

    [Art] Well Happy Halloween my long lost followers… :/ 

    Its my favorite holiday! 


    DOwl, KaiBat, WitchKrisoala, Peter PanYeol, Lulu being chased by SeWolf, Suho, 补刀GrimReaper Chen, Eyeline Egyptian Mummy Baek, Baozi Ghost, Xing(star)Tuo Lay and Scared Panda Tao ^^

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    I feel like I can’t stop crying…. 

    I feel like I can’t stop crying…. 

  6. Yixing’s Birthday Message 2013

    I have not updated in ages but I am going to translate this because I think it is going to be the most heartfelt and true message that any idol have ever written in the history of all idols. When I read it I just sat there and cried throughout because every sentence, every word is so true and sincere. Zhang Yixing, sometimes your heart is so pure that I really think that you are too good for all this idol business. But because it is your dream, I will support you. Because of you, I feel that us EXO fans are very blessed to have such a caring idol. 

    "There are 365 days in a year, and after spending 24 slow hours in a day, we spent 1.5 years~ There are too many surprises, too many times I’ve been touched, too much sadness, too many things to be proud of. There will be a chance for me to communicate with you everytime its my birthday~

    This time round, I will do a heart to heart talk with you guys ok?
    When I was studying, I never thought that I would ever stand on the world stage, singing for all the people who supported me, maybe this is a dream.
    I just wish for the songs that I wrote to gain some recognition, or that my efforts would be able to do something in the music industry.
    This dream is fulfilled because of SM Entertainment, you guys, and those who have helped me along the way!

    However, I am a little lost, lost because I am unsure of what I should do
    Maybe I am still a kid what never grew up, but work has given me much responsibility, and made me grow up, and made me strive on!
    In the course of this journey, I feel myself change, and the changes are both good and bad.
    Actually, it was like what I said before, I just have a special job.

    What I want is the same as everyone, I am just a normal person who is no different from everyone.
    Although we have gained some recognition in all these days, I have never felt satisfied with myself. I will never give up working hard! I want to be the best! I want to tell all who supported me that I will not disappoint you!

    Maybe having this kind of ideals would often make me withdraw into my own world, as if no one will be able to understand me. Friends would encourage me on the phone. Thinking about every hero who supported me, I am actually very blessed, and things are going smoothly, so I should be content. But if I am not able to be perfect, will you still support me?

    I often use this words to motivate myself “The dreams are actually not far away, but you need to put in effort to earn them. We might have missed the scenery along the way but we would be able to anticipate the rainbow from a far.” Do you agree?

    The birthday fan support might seem simple to me but how much effort have you guys put in? And this effort have spread all over the world. Just to surprise me for a short while, you might have spent a year to plan, a month to prepare, and a day of waiting. I have seen all this and have felt it. It was hard on you and you must be tired, thank you.

    I actually like seeing you hold up my support banners, I like listening to your cheers, but when I see you fall asleep because of waiting, and lose your voice because of cheering, get hurt because of squeezing in the crowd… I feel that I am really selfish.

    I just wish that you will take care of your body and not get hurt. Please don’t be upset over anything, even if you’re upset, please don’t be afraid! Because I will be there to write you healing songs!

    There was a fan at the airport who asked me “What is the difference between the letter that others wrote and a present that I specially picked for you? Why won’t you accept the present?” I could not answer her, but I could just apologize. I am still thinking if I made a mistake of only accepting letters… such that I am hesitating to accept letters now too.

    Its actually like this, this is everyone’s heart-felt effort, I know, I understand
    Actually, if you’d be able to come see us EXO perform once, buy one of our albums, hold up my banner, cheer me on once, or even for those far away fans whom we can’t meet, if you’d silently say “Happy Birthday to me” etc… it would all be the best present for me!

    Because I heard that some fans would save on their daily allowance to buy an album or present…. and even spend all their money on fan support… I know that actually we are all quite grown up. Every bit of money is not gained easily. So I hope that everyone would use the money on meaningful areas.

    There are many people in the world who need help.
    It is our common wish to help others, but I hope that everyone would do what you can! There is a little loophole here, it might cause everyone to donate blindly…

    Fans think that the most meaningful thing is to donate funds, but it is not true. When it comes to helping others, we can also volunteer etc.~
    When it comes to finances, I hope that before you gave me a present, or donate, please first buy your parents or family some clothes, or things that you yourself or your parents like, things that you need, or buy food that you yourself or your parents like, nutritious things to build up your health. Only after you’ve done all these, then you can go to help those who need help~ If you do that it is also the best present for me!

    I hope to receive such a present every year~ And I hope that your family would like us too~ Happily sit infront of the tv or come to see us perform together, won’t it be blissful? Also, you guys need strength to help cheer me on right? Please take care of your health if you don’t take care of your heath how do you always be so passionately give me support? I know that you are the best so you can surely do it!

    As for me, I have a big head~ one neck, 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 feet, one body. I can’t wear all the things that you gave me~ Some, I felt that if I don’t wear it, you guys would be sad. But I can’t put everything on, and I am afraid that you’d think that you’ve not picked a good present, or not given the right present.

    Actually everything that you gave are good! All awesome! Not just the things that you gave, the videos online, texts… This are all your efforts! I like them all I love them! I just wish that you can be happy everyday~ Protect yourself~ Love yourself~ The presents are not important! I still want to say, you loving me is a present for me! And your support is the energy that drives me to continue on! Thank you for everything that you have given me~ I love you~ “

  7. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ My OTP

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    Chanyeol drew on his own face 
cr DC
via 密司特帕克cb

    Chanyeol drew on his own face 

    cr DC

    via 密司特帕克cb

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    130703 Daegu Fansign - Chanyeol Fan Accts

    Chanyeol: Did you see our bus?

    Fans: Yes!

    CY: Do you wanna sit in it?

    F: Yes!!!

    CY: Raise your hand if you want to~~~

    F: *raises hands*

    CY: Nope only we can sit in it.

    CY: Do we look like students?

    F: Yes!

    CY: I look like a model student right?

    F: ….

    Chanyeol kept saying that he is like a model student.

    His hair is black and has a short hair cut.

    CY: You guys feel warm right?

    F: Very!

    CY: I am sitting next to the fan.

    CY: Uniforms suit us well right?

    JM: You’ve already asked many times.

    BH: This fellow really asked many times.

    CY: TWICE! TWICE! TWICE!!!(strange shout)

    (The fan listened to the recording and said its actually thrice)

    When they were discussing the event number (??)

    CY: Lets count “1..2..3” then start. 1..2..3

    *The other boys ignored him and continued discussing” 

    CY: *alone* 4..5..6…


    kr to chi trans: 密司特帕克cb

    chi to eng trans: fayerielf|12exoterrestrials

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Cr: doh heart 


    Cr: doh heart 

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    Cute Baekhyun Predebut
cr DC

    Cute Baekhyun Predebut

    cr DC

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    Kris and Tao on their cycling outing

    cr 陆容容

  15. 看你那风骚样。。泥煤。。